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Playing piano since age four, percussion, and brass instruments since his teen years, Mr. Silverwood has a great deal of experience in the performance side of the musical field.

“The knowledge of how to play the instrument assists greatly in repairing them” states Mr. Silverwood recently in an interview. “There is a good deal more going on in performance for the artist, than just the way the instrument sounds.”

Entering the technical field in the mid-seventies, training in the theories and practices of Dr. William Braid White, Mus. D., Samuel Wolfenden, and Lawrence Nalder, Mr. Silverwood has experience, since an early age, in the factory construction of instruments in Canada, and has worked on pianos all over the continent, New York, Nashville, San Francisco, and Hollywood, California, before settling in the Vancouver area.

“I’m one of the lucky ones” says Mr. Silverwood. “I had the opportunity to work in a factory setting in this country, previous to this type of manufacturing going off-shore. You can learn a lot more about the instrument, when you are involved in the construction of them, with the assistance of journeymen that have a great deal of experience in building pianos.”

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