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Piano Tuning, or “Tuning,” is the common term for the task of adjusting the strings of a piano, (or any strung instrument for that matter), so that when the strings are excited, or struck, they will give out the correct and equal sounds of the musical scale. This Musical Scale is best described as the totality of all these sounds in their proper order.

The objective in the tuning process is to cause the instrument to sound, when played, as close to the exact musical scale that can be achieved, within the limitations of each particular instrument. Every instrument is subject to its own attributes and/or limitations, so therefore, each tuning will be slightly different, in a very subtle way.

All instruments tuned by Silverwood Pianos, will be done by ear, using Equal Temperament, at concert pitch. Each tuning will take approx.1hr. to 1 1/2hrs. in total.

Please call or email for pricing, in your area.

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