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During the last one hundred and fifty years, the mechanism or “action” that translates the movements of the finger-impelled keys of a piano to their corresponding hammers, has been developed into a high state of perfection. Regulation in a piano, best described as the process of adjusting to each other, the various parts of the Action and Keyboard of a piano, in order that these parts may function and interact exactly as they are designed to do.

There are two basic Action types, Upright action and Grand action. Both have been thoroughly established and indeed standardized, the world over.

Regulation has nothing to do with tuning, or the way your instrument sounds, it is strictly the way your piano feels when played. This is especially important in older instruments, of which many now are obsolete. To continually play an instrument that is out of regulation will cause excessive wear on these out-of date components, resulting in a high cost to repair. Pricing will vary depending upon the amount of adjustments required and how many of these old parts can be re-used.

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